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America’s Frontline Doctors Support the Filing of a Preliminary Injunction to Halt Further Vaccinations for All Military Staff, Pilots, and COVID-Recovered

DENVER, CO. – Today America’s Frontline Doctors legal team filed a preliminary injunction in Federal District Court, before Judge Raymond P. Moore. This follows the filing and subsequent denial of a temporary restraining order submitted and ruled on nearly four weeks ago. The Injunction aims to immediately halt further COVID-19 vaccinations for all military personnel given the extraordinary findings of the Plaintiff’s expert witnesses in their sworn testimony. The Preliminary Injunction Motion along with the Amended Complaint seeks to broadens the class of Plaintiffs to include DoD contractors and is based on the now-proven fact that Covid-recovered people have superior immunity to all other forms of treatment. The latest pleadings in the suit claim that Covid vaccines actually harm the Covid recovered rather than help them. The evidence presented includes expert witness testimony from two military doctors and a well-credentialed professor of pathology that have found that both the Pfizer and Moderna Covid 19 vaccines contain a pathologic toxin (poison) commonly called PEG (polyethylene glycol). Each such vaccine lists either ALC 3015 (Pfizer) or SM-102 (Moderna) as key ingredients of the billions of nanoparticles in each dose. The Safety Data Sheets relating to these two primary ingredients are abundantly clear and demonstrate the ingredients’ toxicity and danger to human users. In fact, they caution that such ingredients are not for human or veterinarian use. This revelation was so alarming to these doctors that one of the Plaintiff’s experts, Army Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long M.D., who is the head Flight Surgeon at Fort Rucker and is responsible for health safety of Army air crews, made a halting declaration; in her expert opinion, all military flight crew who have received any of the biologic products (vaccines) should be grounded from flying until an MRI screening of their cardiovascular system is performed in order to rule out these life-threatening adverse reactions to the shots. To date, there have been no screenings for COVID-recovered people. “Mandates of those who have had COVID make no sense, and cause worse harm to our nation’s finest,” said lead litigator Dale Saran, who stands for protecting our military service personnel from unnecessary harms just as he did nearly 20 years ago in the Anthrax vaccine litigation over similar concerns. The preliminary injunction is the next step in the legal battle to protect our military. This filing is for the purpose of ceasing any further involuntary vaccinations, based on evidence of the associated adverse health events and risks that are becoming increasingly pervasive. Those side effects include life-threatening blood clots and myocarditis, pericarditis (inflammatory conditions of the heart). These adverse events are listed on the Pfizer/BioNTech’s own fact sheet and the evidence of this widespread harm, especially in younger persons, has become irrefutable. “It’s not just flight crews negatively affected by this,” states Dr. Samuel Sigoloff, who is another Army doctor who reports seeing the harm of these injections to military personnel and DOD contractors. “People cannot believe that the manufacturers would knowingly put such a toxin into their product and test it on our entire population for the first time during these phase III clinical trials our country is participating in,” said Todd Callender, the attorney who brought the case. “It’s so incredulous that they would use the global population for these toxic experiments that we engaged a world-class pathologist, Dr. Ralph Grams, to run mass spectrometry on the ingredients to ensure this is so.” Indeed, Dr. Grams provided sworn testimony that both the Pfizer BioNTech and Moderna Emergency Use only COVID “vaccines” contain substantial and significant amounts of these toxic ingredients. “It’s no wonder people are having debilitating allergic reactions to these shots,” said Dr. Grams. To prove the case, Dr. Ralph Grams used state of the art mass spectrometry laboratory equipment to make his findings. These key ingredients are known carcinogenic toxins and numerous studies have found anaphylaxis reactions to the PEG compounds in peer-reviewed scientific journals. The inoculations are being forced on all service members including those who have already recovered from COVID-19. This, despite the fact that numerous studies show proof that COVID-recovered patients have natural immunity. It is common sense and scientifically supported that those who have recovered do not require a vaccination. The military regulations agree on this point and the defining regulation (AR 40-562) actually excludes people with prior immunity from compulsory vaccinations; it also excludes people who are allergic to any ingredient. “This policy has been regulatory law in the military since 1908, so what has changed that would cause the secretary of defense to annul such a common sense rule?” This is the question posed by Colton Boyle, who is another lawyer on the case. “There is a long history of safe and effective alternative treatments, approved by the Food and Drug Administration, which are proven worldwide to be highly effective in preventing and treating COVID-19,” according to Dr. Simone Gold, who heads America’s Frontline Doctors. Attorney Dave Wilson, another case attorney and retired Army JAG officer questions “how an Emergency Use Authorization was ever granted in the first place.” In order to invoke the EUA statute, the Secretary of HHS has to find that no safe, available and approved drug exists to treat the medical emergency. “According to our best experts, there are many such already FDA approved drugs and remedies that show tremendous effectiveness in treating and even curing the underlying infection,” states John “Lou” Michels Jr., who also argued and won the preceding Anthrax case against Secretary Rumsfeld. The American government continues to block these safe and effective therapies and continues to favor recommending dangerous experimental vaccinations. Freedom is what makes the United States of America strong and great, and freedom, including the right to dissent, is what has kept our democracy going for more than 200 years. And it is freedom that will continue to keep it strong for my children and the children of all the people like my father, late father in law, grandfather, brother, me, and others like us who served honorably and proudly for freedom. Gary May, Vietnam veteran.